Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Journey: Falcon Ridge to Wiley Reunion

Several of you have already heard this story... in fact, I think most of you. Anyhow, the dads at Falcon Ridge (John and Andrew) stayed for a last day of music and then went home to work, so Kerry and Ben took the Honda and Jen, Olivia, Sage, Georgia and I piled into our Nissan Pathfinder. It was mostly a peaceful ride until Mom picked up her cell phone. Or, rather, she used her new Bluetooth headset because it is illegal to use cell phones in New York while driving, you know. The person on the other line was Kerry, who not only was talking illegaly (she does not have a bluetooth headset), but whose car was smoking because she turned the AC on. The Honda is, I believe, either a year younger or a year older than me, but either way it is quite an old car. As it turns out, the car pretty much completely died and... that meant that we all got to ride in the Nissan. Ben's carseat in the middle of the backseat, Georgia's carseat on one side, Sage and Olivia sharing a seatbelt on the other. I squashed in with Kerry in the front. Not only did we have to (uncomfortably) fit all the people, but we had to fit a guitar and a few duffel bags into the backseat with the girls, as the back of the car was already packed to the top. It was quite the interesting ride.

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