Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Falcon Ridge!

This July, the Youngs celebrated their 9th annual Falcon Ridge Folk Festival attendance, the Landrys their 4th. While some familes from previous years did not join us, we had 3 more lovely friends. Betsy, Jenny's work friend, came and had tons of fun. Julia and Ken, the infamous couple from Jen's baby group (mother of Eli and Dana), also came to hear music and hang out with us. The music was great this year. A sampling of the artists: The Strangelings (possibly Jen's new favorite band), The Nields, Eddie From Ohio, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, The Glengarry Bhoys, Eilen Jewell, The Lovell Sisters, Red Molly, The Dust Poets, Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry, and Stephen Kellog and the Sixers. Also occuring during our 3-day stay (it would have been 4, but we left early for the Wiley Reunion, and that's another story altogether) was a MASSIVE ongoing thunderstorm with torrential rain and, as heard from onlookers, several things were struck by lightning (although no one knows exactly what). The picture below with Sage on top of her father's shoulders underneath the carport was when it really began pouring and we realized that we had not put the sides of the carport up. So, in the dark, thundering night, we hoisted Sage up to attach the sides, because the rest of us could not reach. We tried putting me on Andrew's shoulders but I couldn't stabilize myself because there was nothing to grab on to. After all, everyone who tried to support me was too short. During the day, we went on shopping excursions in the many vendors down the hill. The girls and Jenny all got henna (including me, see picture below) and several people made use of the abundance of fun, summery clothes and bought bags, bandanas, and wraparound skirts. I must say that I spent the majority of my money on CDs, although I did buy a t-shirt that I got signed by several bands.
Overall, this year's falcon ridge was a giant success. Anybody who wants to join us next year is more than welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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