Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is worse than I thought.

How incredibly embarrassing. I haven't written since August!!! I would like to say that I have been too busy, but alas, I have had my down time and my free weekends. I suppose the real reason is that I am too absentminded. I'll have to work on that.
Anyway, though I can't remember what's happened since September, I can remember what has happened in the past few months. In December much of the Wiley clan gathered in New York for a fabulous Christmas, involving a lot of champagne thanks to Jess and a lot of cookies thanks to everybody. There were some pretty neat-o gifts and some far-out food that kept me stuffed for weeks. (Mom's been showing us all 5 seasons of the Brady Bunch- I've added a few words to my vocabulary.) PLUS I got a new camera! And that resulted in a trunkload of pictures, which I couldn't possibly put all on this website. Therefore I have come up with a pictures-only website on, just for all the great pictures. I'll still write on this, but I won't put very many pictures on. HERE is the link. (In case that doesn't work, the address is
More recently we had another get-together for Presidents' Day Weekend- and we all (meaning we, the eastern folks) got to meet Ava!!! It was such fun. I almost packed her in my duffel bag and brought her home. But I figured our house might not be suitable for an infant yet. But we have stairs to the attic now! Anyway. I think the weekend was a blast- everyone played with Ava, the girls and smallish guys got muddy and visited the dog next door, and three people received massages. And I learned to count to 100 in German. Unfortunately, no one wants to hear me complete the feat. The last time I tried it took me half an hour. But other than that, everyone was pretty happy. PLUS we celebrated Pete and Ben's birthdays, and Jenny made a three layer cake that fell apart a little bit and was made into a "swampy" moose cake, which was Ben's request. It was quite good if I must say so myself.
And Ben, being the spoilt little boy that he is, had ANOTHER birthday party on his actual birthday, and SOMEONE made him a fabulous alligator out of cupcakes and he got to watch Nanny McPhee. (The someone who made the cake was me. I am very proud of it. It took hours of frosting piping and 12 whole jelly beans. Plus 4 marshmallows. There are pictures on the picture website).
Well, since my elbows hurt from Wii boxing right now (my friends and I had a sleepover the other night- I beat the glue out of the little animated boxing opponents), I'll take a little break from this. But I'll be back soon with more stuff- I just have to wait for the next get-together of Wiley family members. By the way, I'm thinking that someone on the westerly side of the continent ought to be updating me about what's happening over in no-man's land (ahem, Grandma Barbara... I know you have time to send people pictures of sewing machine cakes... =]
TTFN- ta ta for now!

OH YES. p.s.- most of you know about my exchange program that I will be going on next year- well I got a $1500 scholarship from AFS, and one of the acceptance rules was that I had to keep a blog about my experience. So here is the link, just in case you want to peek at it.
Ciao mi familia!