Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jess's Lake House

As if we hadn't had enough lake during the week at Mimi's, Jess kindly invited us to stay at her lake house, stopping at Katie's for a Woodstock Fair night. Katie, Zac, the Landrys, the Youngs, and Pete all got together for a lovely day and a half of waterskiing (well, only John and Dennis were able to get up and stay up, but the rest of us tried) and tubing.

Mimi's Lake House

Once again, the Landry family traveled a whole twenty minutes with a carload of gear to spend a week at Meredith's lake house. For those of you who don't know, or simply can't remember, Mimi is Jenny's friend from college who we see periodically and spend a week at her lake house every summer. This year, the Youngs joined us for a day as well!

More Pictures from the Wiley Week!

Well, I finally had the patience and time to upload Mom's memory card, and so I have suddenly been burdened with quite a few more pictures of our fantastic week in New Yorkus.