Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Bee.

Okay guys. I could come up with five gajillion reasons why I haven't written since last year. Reasons like, I'm fifteen, so I get up at noon and go to bed at midnight, and do mostly nothing in between (Oooh, it's going to hurt when school starts.) Or reasons like I'm going into sophomore year with a darn heavy workload, including an A.P. European History class. So I'm spending all my spare time studying (ha, ha). Or reasons like our house is under massive construction and we live in a giant dusty shell. Our fridge is in the living room and my entire room is packed up for the next five months and we only have power half the time anyway, what with all the jackhammering and chainsawing and all. But I'm sure you're all not very sympathetic at all and are thinking at this very moment "oh, she's just too self-absorbed, if I were writing this blog I would write in it once a week, without fail". I really do apologize for the many-month span between entries, and I promise not to make any more false promises. (That was not a false promise.) Really. All I'm promising to do is write in the blog. I will do it. I'm just not going to promise how often. But hey, before this, you were getting nothing, right? And this is better than nothing.

But now I must tell you about the goings-on of the last six (seven? eight? nine?) months. Actually I'm just going to start in April because that's as far back as my memory spans. All descendants of Barb and Richard (including the pair themselves) traveled to the single corner of the country where nobody in our family lives: the good humid southeast. Actually, Barbara's friend Dean showed up for a few days as well, lugging his crystal ball with him in his little red convertible. We all spent a fabulous April vacation "celebrating Barbara's 60th birthday" on Sanibel Island, Florida (really, we just enjoyed the beach, but we gave her presents to make her feel better.) There were A LOT of pictures of birds. And A LOT of shells (credit to Olivia, who repeatedly got up at ungodly hours in the morning to go shell hunting).

Check out those pictures, though. Can you say goooooooor-geous? The baby alligator was in the pond right outside the place we were staying. It was crazy. And we went on this cruise where we saw the dolphins, they jumped alongside our boat for a good half hour! It made me want to be a dolphin. Also on the cruise I got a free Sprite for knowing the chemical formula for photosynthesis. Not to brag or anything. See the picture of the beach where the moon is up? That was our first night on Sanibel Island (actually, it was just Zeb and the Landrys, the rest of the clan had yet to arrive), and it was beautiful out with a full moon and everything, and the water was incredibly warm, so we played frisbee into the beach by moonlight. It was awesome.

Okay, I'm going to continue with our next event in a new post, because otherwise all the pictures would get mixed up and you all would be very confused. So I'm trying to save your confusedness. Here goes.

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