Friday, October 19, 2007

Crew! and high school.

Hey guys! So now we have all begun the new school year, except for those lucky few who don't have to worry about school anymore. This year I began high school, and the one thing I have to say is that it is HUGE. And SO much better than middle school! (But don't tell Olivia, because that's where she's headed next year!) This semester I'm taking writing, history, Latin, and honors geometry. I love all my classes except geometry- we have a t'ai-chi obsessed philosophical teacher who ought to be teaching at university level. I find it extraordinarily hard to understand even half of what he is talking about because he goes off on ramblings about the history of the lunch bell or his typing program he has at his house. This year, I also started crew, which is very hard but pretty fun. I get killer blisters on both my hands and feet and bruises on my shoulders (from carrying the boats). However, I also get to go outside and row every day, and I made a lot of friends from other classes through crew already. At regattas, we got 6th out of 13 as our best placing, but one of our other boats got 3rd and our women's varsity eight got a gold and a silver. PICTURE TIME!

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