Sunday, July 22, 2007

Food, Glorious Food

Jess and I put our heads together during Harry Potter weekend to further extend Jess's idea of hosting a Harry Potter feast. We came up with quite a few ideas (although we couldn't think of any use for marshmallows). Although I must say that the food looked pretty realistic, we couldn't afford real dragon snot and had to substitute with Grandma Wiley's punch. The spider was cheese, black olive slices, and peppers. The dragon teeth were triangular Triscut crackers. The basilisk eyes were deviled eggs with black olive pupils. The Aragog web was maple cotton candy (thanks to the Youngs). The herbology trays were plain old fruits and vegetables, and Grawp droppings was chocolate fruit dip. Mandrake Pus was ranch veggie dip, and the violet ink was sour cream. Pumpkin Paties were actually miniature pumpkin pies, and the stink sap was applesauce. Flesh-eating slug repellent was multi olored Gobstoppers, and Bertie Bott's every flavor beans were what their name indicates. Edible golden snitches were none other than yellow gobstoppers, and the wands were twisted cheese sticks from trader joe's. The Fortress du Fromage was a lot of cubed cheese and some toothpicks. And that was just the food...

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Reaux said...

Woah. Sounds like an awesome party, and I'm not even a Potter addict. Thanks for making it easy to keep tabs on all you ADORABLE little pot pies... I mean people.

Hope everyone is well on the East coast. We're all a little mad out here.